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Join us for Calf Fry: the largest annual three-day outdoor Red Dirt and Country music festival at Stillwater's own Tumbleweed Dance Hall & Concert Venue! Mark your calendars to celebrate the 32nd Anniversary of this event on May 2-4, 2024! 

The Calf Fry Festival will feature a full lineup of artists on various stages. Tap your toes to live music at the indoor stage, or head outside with the crowds for the main, headlining talent. You can expect thousands of screaming fans and plenty of party spirit! This event draws a large number of Oklahoma State University students, who celebrate Calf Fry as the last party with friends before the end of the semester. Visiting Stillwater - the home of Red Dirt music - and attending this legendary concert is a must-do experience for any music fan!

Recognized by Country Weekly magazine as one of the top 10 historic country music sites to visit in the United States, the Tumbleweed has a long history in Stillwater that brings people from around the country to celebrate all genres of music. Hank Williams Jr., Merle Haggard, Willie Nelson, and Garth Brooks are just a few music legends who have played at “The Weed.”

Find the artist lineups for Thursday, Friday, and Saturday below and head to Stillwater for the iconic Calf Fry Music Festival May 2-4, 2024. Be sure to stick around on May 5th for the Gypsy Cafe Red Dirt music event too!


2024 Calf Fry


2024 Daily Schedules     2024 Thursday Schedule

2024 Friday Schedule     2024 Saturday Schedule




Calf Fry Goat Rope


Roping will take place all three days of Calf Fry!!

You MUST have Calf Fry tickets to enter! The top team takes home a buckle 🏆and cash prize 🤑 The top four teams take home a cash prize 💸 Enter before 6:30 pm unless registered online!! $20 per team and $10 buyback!

There will be a practice round at 5 pm!

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Stick around Stillwater for even more music on May 5th!


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70+ Songwriters | 5 Stages | 1 Magical Day in Stillwater

Experience the magic of Bob Childers’ Gypsy Café, Oklahoma's premier homegrown Red Dirt music and songwriter festival, returning to Stillwater on May 5th. Spanning five venues, this festival boasts over 70 talented songwriters, as well as the "Mexican Morning" Brunch. Immerse yourself in the rich tapestry of Oklahoma's musical heritage, with heartfelt tunes and captivating tales about Bob Childers, the revered godfather of Red Dirt music, the legendary Farm where the genre took root, and the iconic Gypsy Café, recently revived at the Farm after four decades of nurturing creativity.

Join us in supporting the Red Dirt Relief Fund, a nonprofit that has been a lifeline for countless artists throughout the pandemic. With over 800 music professionals statewide receiving aid, this organization continues to champion musicians and songwriters, ensuring their voices are heard as they strive to make the world a better place through their music. Don't miss this unforgettable celebration of music, community, and the enduring spirit of Oklahoma.


2024 Bob's "Mexican Morning" Brunch

Indulge in culinary and musical delights at the Gypsy Cafe Festival's standout event, Bob's "Mexican Morning" Brunch, hosted at the Stonecloud Brewing Company in celebration of Bob Childers and the festival date being on Cinco de Mayo. Savor a delectable Mexican buffet brunch prepared by Good Little Eater, complemented by specialty coffee from The Collab. As you enjoy your meal, you'll be treated to live music by Monica Taylor & Friends, featuring Red Dirt Rangers, Jared Tyler, Chuck Dunlap, Gene Williams, Brad James, and more. The set performed by these Red Dirt pioneers will include songs written by Bob Childers, Jimmy LaFave, and other innovators of the genre.

Your ticket to this exclusive brunch also grants you access to the full Gypsy Cafe Festival experience. Be sure to secure your spot in advance, as tickets for Bob's "Mexican Morning" Brunch are limited and will not be available at the door. Don't miss this opportunity to spend a morning filled with flavor, music, and celebration, honoring the legacy of Bob Childers and the spirit of the Gypsy Cafe Festival.


2024 Gypsy Cafe Venues

Performances for the 2024 Gypsy Cafe festival will be held at iconic Stillwater hangouts including Eskimo Joe's, Outlaws, Salty Bronc Saloon, George's Stables and Stonecloud Brewing Company.


2024 Gypsy Cafe Lineup



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Calf Fry Music
Calf Fry Crowd
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Calf Fry Crowd
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