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Over one thousand cyclists experienced the extreme, rugged elements of the red dirt roads and landscape in northern Oklahoma. Before it was all said done, the Land Run 100 crew announced the epic adventure will all be unfolding again in Stillwater, Oklahoma March 17, 2018.  Get a glimpse of Stillwater's Land Run 100 experience!


On the horizon, Bob Childers' Gypsy Cafe is slated for April 26th for its sixth year. Over 65 musicians will be performing across three Stillwater venues as they honor the roots and legacies of red dirt music.

Our destination team loves Stillwater and loves visitors. Let us tell you all about what's in store for 2017 and show you why Stillwater is indeed America's Friendliest College Town!



OSU Allied Arts

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Travelocity Gnome Breakfast

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Iconic Tees Worth the Stop
Iconic Tees Worth the Stop

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Stillwater is home to some of the most iconic t-shirts in America. A t-shirt is more than cotton and print, it’s the essence of the experience... More

Oklahoma State University continues to be the home of one of the most well-rounded and successful programs in college athletics. With 51 national team championships, OSU Athletics is a vital part of the Stillwater... More

As home to America's brightest orange, it is no surprise orange is in every nook and cranny of Stillwater's...

It's all fresh and made from scratch. These are the comfort foods that make us all feel warm and fuzzy about...

Provides a safety net of critical assistance for Oklahoma music people in times of need. A non-profit...

Oklahoma State continues to be the home of one of the most well-rounded and successful programs in college...