The Roost


Sparrow Beginnings is owned and operated by Susan Hartford and her three daughters: Jessica Sutton, Shelby Howerton, and Katie Barlow. With wedding dreams and ideas blossoming in all four of their minds, the family went in search of the perfect local venue in which to turn their dream into a reality.

These resourceful and determined women found a rambling, romantic piece of countryside, and created the place they imagined for themselves. Like sparrows, who collaborate to build their nests, Jessica, Shelby, Katie and Susan have woven their visions into one, and worked together to bring it to life.

The Roost and The Nest, Sparrow's beautiful cottages, are located just off Lover’s Lane and adjacent to the stocked pond. Take a stroll on 30 acres, grab a fishing pole and head over to the pond, or take their canoe out for a spin. Even better, head over to Sparrow Farms where the potbelly pigs and pygmy goats will greet you, or say hi to the chickens, each one lovingly named by Katie.