(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Feb. 26, 2020) – The City of Stillwater is eligible to receive federal and state dollars to fund a wide variety of community projects and programs. Can you think of programs that would benefit from grant funding? Bring your ideas to the community input meetings, held Thursday, March 5 from 3 to 5 p.m. and Tuesday, March 24 from 12 to 2 p.m. at the Stillwater Community Center, Room 100, 315 W. 8th Ave.

Input gathered through these meetings will be used to guide the City in its application process for federal, state and local grants.

“If you have an idea for a grant-funded project that could improve Stillwater, we want to hear from you,” Administrative Assistant - Programs Valerie Silvers said. “Whether its wastewater improvements or fire protection, we want to hear it all so that we know what kinds of grants we should be seeking as a City.”

Examples of grant-funded projects include park and playground equipment, water and wastewater improvements, senior center repairs, stormwater drainage improvements, construction of sidewalks or streets, and even critical home repairs.

Projects and funding are approved by the Stillwater City Council and administered by the City of Stillwater.

“We want to ensure that the projects we are pursuing are reflective of community values,” Silvers said. “Holding these input meetings is one way to make sure we are doing that. We’re looking forward to hearing all of the ideas.”

If you’re not able to attend the meetings, you can still provide your input. Call or email Valerie Silvers at 405.742.8345 or Valerie.silvers@stillwater.org. There is also a public input page online at SpeakUp.Stillwater.org.