(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / October 31, 2018) - The Junior American Boer Goat Association (JABGA) is holding its Cowboy Country Area 2 Regional Show at the Payne County Expo Center, located at 4518 Expo Circle East, on November 3, 2018. The Show is open to the public and activities will begin at 9am on Saturday.

The Regional Boer Goat Show will bring together over 60 classes of Boer Goats to compete in the JABGA Registered Show, Jackpot Wether Show, and Commercial Doe Show. “We’re so glad to be at the Payne County Expo Center and appreciate all of the help from Visit Stillwater that brought us to North Central Oklahoma,” said Traci Day, JAGBA Region 2 Organizer. Events throughout the weekend include a Skill-A-Thon, Fitting Contest, Sales Talk, Livestock Judging, JABGA Show, Jackpot Wether Show, Commercial Doe Show, and American Boer Goat Association (ABGA) Show.

For the JABGA competitions, the participants are placed in either the Junior Division (ages 4-8), Intermediate Division (ages 9-13), or the Senior Division (14 years and over). Buckles and banners are given to the top two winners in each division, Grand and Reserve Grand in the junior shows, and cash prizes and banners in the Commercial Doe Show. Awards from Sullivan Supply go to the top 5 winners in events such as showmanship, the skill-a-thon contest, and the sales talk.

Many of the events held at the Cowboy Country Area 2 Regional Show help youth learn and grow. Throughout the Sales Talk, Skill-A-Thon, and Showmanship, participants are judged on their ability to communicate, knowledge of the subject matter, confidence, and poise. “Our association and JABGA shows play an important role in helping develop leaders in our industry,” said Day. “Being involved in JABGA helps students prepare for their future by teaching them confidence, respect, and effective communication. All of these qualities are helpful, not only in their 4H and FFA clubs, but in preparing for college.”

The JABGA Cowboy Country Area 2 Regional Show is made possible by a number of supporters including Sullivan Supply, Visit Stillwater, Exiss Trailers, Mugsy’s Grubhouse, Flatrock Services, Stillwater Milling Company, Ahrberg Milling Company, Cowboy Classic Customer Appreciation Sale, Oklahoma Boer Goat Association, American Boer Goat Association, and the Junior American Boer Goat Association.


About JABGA:

Established in 1996 for youth 18 and under as of January 1, JABGA is devoted to helping the youth reach their desired potential through education, leadership, conferences, scholarship programs and exhibition opportunities at national, regional, and junior sanctioned shows.

JABGA’s mission is to bring together Boer Goat Enthusiasts through a youth organization that offers competitive programs to reward excellence, enhance educational opportunities, promote the value of genetics, and develop leadership skills through activities at local, state and national levels.