Eskimo Joe's Clothes

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    507 W. Elm Ave.

    Stillwater, OK 74074

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Eskimo Joe's famous smilin' fun T-shirts have been a part of the Joe's legacy since the joint opened in 1975, when they were sold from behind the bar. As Eskimo Joe's grew in popularity, so did the demand for the shirts and Joe's Clothes was opened in 1987 next door to the restaurant at 507 W. Elm in Stillwater. They now offer 19 color choices of our classic logo in T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, tanks, hats and lots of other fun novelty items.

Joe's Clothes is a lifestyle choice for loyal fans, and hundreds share their photos wearing their Joe's Clothes. Eskimo Joe's proudly features these on the 'Wall of Fame' section on site, and some are even featured in their catalogs.

Joe's Clothes has shipped orders to more than 50 countries and truly is "The Smile Seen Around the World!"