Backstage Stillwater

  • Address:

    110 E. 7th Ave.

    Stillwater, OK 74074

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Through the integration of art, architecture and craftsmanship, Backstage represents 120 years of shared history and creates a context to consider what’s next.

While steeped in history, Backstage is a space that encourages new thoughts, new perspectives, and new plans. Many different types of gatherings will occur in this space -- business meetings, philanthropic and musical events, art openings, receptions and private dining -- both serious and fun. But whatever their nature, Backstage encourages its guests to wonder about the past, draw inspiration for the present, and think creatively about the future.

Backstage is available for rent and can accommodate groups of up to 100, depending on the event format.

For reservations, contact Marsha Forbes at (405) 533-2950.


Rebecca Loebe Live Solo Acoustic Concert at Backstage Stillwater