A majority of individuals will travel throughout their life, whether it is to a neighboring city, across the country, or internationally. When you travel to any location away from home, whether it is 10 miles or 10,000 miles away, you are considered a visitor or tourist in that city. Chances are very good that you can share positive, and unfortunately negative, memories of being a visitor in other destinations. 

Every community has museums, attractions, outdoor recreation, or other things that make it unique and different. And while fun and entertaining to visit, it is the people we meet who most greatly impact our experience when we travel. This fact alone is an extremely good reason to welcome visitors to our community in as much of a hospitable manner as possible to ensure they have a positive experience while in Stillwater.

Whether you are the front desk clerk of a hotel, host at a local restaurant, cashier at a convenience store, Oklahoma State University athletics fan, or a resident who comes into contact with a visitor, you serve as an extension of the local Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) team, such as Visit Stillwater. Whether one realizes it or not, the attitude and behavior of locals when interacting with visitors can be the reason they shop more, extend their stay, return to our community, and talk about us in a positive manner to their network of family, friends, and work associates.

It is thanks to the people who make up our community that we have earned the recognition as America’s Friendliest College Town. We consistently receive positive feedback from parents of incoming OSU freshmen, conference attendees, families experiencing our local children’s museum, exhibitors at regional and national livestock shows, and sports fans wearing orange as well as the opposing team colors.  

As a community that hosts opposing athletic teams and their fans throughout the year, we have the unique opportunity to win both on and off the field, court, mat, pitch, track, etc.  Regardless what the scoreboard reads, OSU fans are known to “win” when it comes to welcoming fellow athletics enthusiasts to town who share a common interest. Many of those family and fans come from a great distance at substantial personal expense. Let’s thank them for their time and the investment they made to visit our community and cheer on their team at one of our world-famous facilities.

We challenge you to regularly utilize the three words that make us so proud and happy to hear throughout our community, “Welcome to Stillwater!”