Stillwater Regional Airport (SWO) is the best option when traveling to America’s Friendliest College Town! Flying American Airlines through SWO makes travel a breeze. No long security lines, quick baggage claim, and free parking are all part of the hassle-free experience.  


Direct flights every day between Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) and Stillwater (SWO)

The hub American Airlines operates at DFW is the second-largest single airline hub in the world with more than 250 nonstop destinations and over 60 international destinations.



The 65-passenger Bombardier CRJ-700 replaced the 50-passenger Embraer ERJ-145s in November 2022. The larger jet expanded amenities for passengers. Flights to Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport now offer Wi-Fi connectivity, a taller cabin, and 9 business-class seats.


Aircraft – Beginning February 15, 2024

Beginning February 15, American Airlines will begin flying a new plane with more amenities to and from Stillwater Regional Airport. Although the Embraer E-170 regional jet has the same number of seats as the 65-seat Bombardier CRJ-700 currently serving Stillwater Regional Airport, it offers more first-class seating and more overhead storage space. The plane will provide Wi-Fi access and in-seat power outlets.


Free Parking

If you are traveling from Stillwater Regional Airport, you will benefit from the free parking at SWO – making your travel expenses much less than when utilizing other airports. Therefore, whether your trip is a few days or a few weeks, SWO parking isn’t a cost you need to consider when budgeting for your trip.


Rental Cars

Car rental is available at the SWO terminal with prior reservations:

Go to or call (405) 624-0578 for more information.

Go to or call (405) 377-0036 for more information.

Go to or call (405) 564-7122 for more information.


Public Transportation

Public transportation is provided by the Oklahoma State University (OSU)/Stillwater Community Transit System with minimal fees. Use the Blue Route to travel to the airport Monday-Friday from 6:20 am to 7:00 pm. For live bus tracking and arrival times, go to


Check-In Process

With one flight leaving the airport at a time, there is no need to stress about a lengthy check-in process or long security lines. Boarding passes are printed at the American Airlines ticket counter, which is easily visible as you enter the main terminal. Arrive at the airport at least 90 minutes before departure to be checked in at the ticket counter before it closes 45 minutes before the scheduled departure time.


Alternative Check-in with American Airlines (AA)

If you booked your ticket on American Airlines, you have serval alternatives to traditional check-in:

Check-in at

Use the AA kiosk in the main lobby for check-in and boarding pass(es).

Check-in using the American Airlines Mobile Boarding Pass.


Faster Baggage Claim

The wait to start your adventure in America’s Friendliest College Town is sure to be short. Within minutes of deboarding the plane and entering the arrival terminal, airline staff will have your luggage unloaded and on its way to baggage claim.


Visit Stillwater Coffee Station

The most important part of any flight is a fresh cup of coffee, so it’s a good thing Visit Stillwater provides free coffee in the departure lounge! Fresh coffee is dispensed from a high-end computerized coffee machine that can create a variety of coffee drinks, like lattes and espressos.

Fly over to to learn more and book your flights. Remember to #FlySWO when visiting America’s Friendliest College Town!