The availability of commercial air service in Stillwater is a game changer for local visitor development efforts. The availability of three daily flights this summer has effectively expanded the primary targeted geographic market for group meetings and leisure visitors from a 300-mile radius of Stillwater to virtually anywhere in the world.

A comprehensive destination marketing business plan will complement and support the development of local airline services which increases visitor accessibility. Therefore, visitor development also plays a vital role in enhancing much broader economic growth for the community by greatly contributing to the success and sustainability of local air service.

Destination marketing and improved connectivity through air service will build more community awareness.  It will better allow us to attract and build relationships with decision-makers, increase visitor spending, and contribute to our quality of life – all primary factors in attracting local investments in many other industry sectors.

While it is crucial Stillwater citizens take advantage of very competitive pricing, close proximity, shorter lines, and free parking at Stillwater Regional Airport, it is also imperative we all serve as advocates to ensure our family, friends, and business associates utilize the three daily inbound flights as well. 

Stillwater Regional Airport offers amenities rarely found in a commercial airport. Short- and long-term parking are both available within a quick walk to check-in and absolutely free of charge. It takes no time whatsoever to check in or go through security. Of great value to many, are the hours saved when flying from Stillwater, rather than a surrounding metropolitan community.

The net cost to travel will very often be less expensive for local business and leisure travelers to book through Stillwater Regional Airport, if one takes into consideration the cost of parking, wear and tear on your vehicle or mileage reimbursement, and the value of time.   

Economic development in all forms starts with a visit. We can all very effectively contribute to economic development efforts by utilizing direct air service from Stillwater and ensuring those living or working outside of our community are made aware of the ability to fly directly from or into America’s Friendliest College Town!