A partnership is defined as an arrangement where parties (partners) agree to cooperate to advance their mutual interests. While Destination Marketing Organizations (DMOs), as a general rule, assist event planners rather than plan events themselves, the Visit Stillwater team researched the possibility to bring an ice rink back to the community. A progressive Visit Stillwater Board of Directors agreed the affordable, family-friendly activity would create an anchor attraction around which residents and visitors would make downtown Stillwater a holiday-time destination.

Due in great part to generous sponsorships received as a result of strong local partnerships with the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, Payne County Economic Development Authority, Stillwater Medical Center, Downtown Business Improvement District #1, BancFirst, Central Bank of Oklahoma, and Interworks, Visit Stillwater has solidified the ability to host a 102’ x 48’ temporary ice rink within Block 34, the center of Stillwater’s Downtown Cultural District.

Local hoteliers, restaurants, retailers, convenience stores, museums, and attractions also have the ability to participate in 1- and 2-night Winter Wonderland packages that will be available to visitors at www.VisitStillwater.org/holidays and may also be combined with winter sporting events through an equally strong partnership with OSU Athletics.   

Because the Visit Stillwater team recently found itself in the position to coordinate, manage, and financially support all activities for Stillwater’s Winter Wonderland, the opportunity for local businesses and organizations to sponsor Stillwater’s only 39-day event has been extended through October 13. The Visit Stillwater team plans to offset the cost of reindeer, carriage rides, Santa’s Workshop, food trucks, holiday decorations, music, and marketing to enable our residents and visitors the ability to enjoy free and affordable activities with their families and friends.

Local partners will receive an impressive promotional package for various sponsorship levels originally intended to cover only the expenses associated with the ice rink. However, each sponsor will now also receive promotion throughout the Winter Wonderland marketing efforts beginning the day their sponsorship is received.