Something about a farmers' market inspires me.  The lush hues of crisp, chartreuse lettuce stacked just so; the charm of hand-written plant markers identifying botanical beauties; or the organic nature of good conversation with local growers offers a simplistic calmness. Strolling between small tents and taking in the faint smell of dill and dirt is good for the soul, I say. 

Stillwater's farmers' market is the perfect place to take a deep breath and actually smell the roses. Local vendors and growers take extreme pride in providing the freshest, local products from the juiciest of fruits to the most mouth-watering pastries. Stopping at the Farmers' Market for freshness and local flair is sure to recharge your dinner recipes or transform your summer garden. 

With multiple Stillwater locations at your fingertips, the Farmers' Market is as convenient as it is charming. Enjoy the local smorgasbord of beauty and flavor all season long and keep up with the home-grown goodness of Stillwater's Farmers' Market at!