If you are looking for a quick lunch stop as you come into Stillwater from the west or a one-stop-shop to grab a quick bite and beverages, Red Rock and Stillwater Beverage Mart have the perfect partnership for you. 

The duo has been opened for business since 2013 and it's not your average sandwich shop or beverage stop. Combining the fresh and delicious flavors of Red Rock Bakery with the wide selection of drinks, mixers and more from Stillwater Beverage Mart makes for something quite unique. 

Plan to enjoy the quality lunch menu of Red Rock Bakery, along with a selection of artisan cheeses sold by the block as well as homemade desserts and cupcakes. 

While you wait, browse in their humidor featuring over 70 types of cigars kept at just the right temperature.  Grab your after-hour drinks, mixers and beers.  Find the perfect party favor or create a custom gift  basket...all while you have lunch!  

Red Rock Bakery/Stillwater Beverage Mart is located conveniently on the west side of Stillwater right off Highway 51 at 3942 W. 6th A

ve. You can now enjoy Red Rock for dinner with hours from 9AM-9PM.  Keep up with the specials and events on their Facebook page and be on the look out for wine and cheese tastings as well as their daily specials.