Dan Purdy, self proclaimed Pit Master and rightfully named, is smoking up greatness in Stillwater.  Purdy Q, a mobile smoke pit and food truck is gaining popularity by the mouthfuls and part of a fabulous growing trend in Stillwater.  Dan can be seen around town with a fan base that keeps coming back for more, and for good reason.  Purdy has been cooking for family and friends for years.  As a former elementary teacher in Stillwater, Purdy enjoyed cooking for his fellow teachers.  Food has always been a passion for Purdy.  "I did a lot of cooking for the squadron while in the military as well," mentioned Purdy. "It's something I have always loved to do," he added.  He was finally able to take his passion to the next level and on the road last March.  His customers are his number one priority and he loves to create something truly unique and special.  "My bosses are my customers, and I love filling up their bellies and putting smiles on their faces," Purdy explained.

The cuisine you can expect at Purdy Q is such a unique blend of flavors and cultures. The Red Dirt Ranchero is a blend of BBQ and Mexican flavors deep fried like a chimichanga with mouth watering brisket. French fries aren't just french fries at Purdy Q.  Seasoned with basil and often smothered in cheese, beans, meat and BBQ salsa for the popular Haystack. 

Dan Purdy takes pride in blending flavors and ingredients and he certainly has mastered the art of delicious food. He smokes his meats overnight and his smoker is going almost constantly.  His fully contained mobile kitchen and smoke pit, are outfitted perfectly for serving and preparing the freshest food. 

It is easy to locate Purdy Q with his flashy orange and black mobile smoke pit and fun self portrait painted on the side. You can keep up with the Purdy Q locations and hours on their facebook page and website.