Earlier this year we launched the series, “Be a Tourist in Your Own Community,” highlighting tips and suggestions about experiencing unique events and attractions in your own backyard.

We made it. Fall is here. Leftover Halloween candy is currently a food group and flannel-wearing weather has us all longing to play workweek hooky. Your holiday travel plans are most likely in the works and those leave request forms approved. The excitement and nostalgia that come with festive traditions and holiday splurges make travel this time of year all the more anticipated. Don’t forget to create moments in your own backyard this year that carry the same memory-making punch. In fact, we say bend the rules and indulge on the flavors of fall, right here in Stillwater. Speaking of flavor, we’ve searched high and low and are confident we’ve cornered the very best Stillwater options for the ultimate fall indulgence – Pumpkin Spice…anything! Plan a weekend devoted to savoring the #PSL-inspired powerhouses, shop for plaids and find an eatery with an outdoor patio to soak up Stillwater, Oklahoma in November.

Here are a few of our favorite places to score that spicy-sweet blend we’ve come to crave more and more with every drop in Fahrenheit degree.

Aspen Coffee Company at FountaiAspen Fountain Squaren Square: They call it “Thanksgiving in a cup” and we agree. Their Pumpkin Spice Latte is made with espresso, steamed milk and of course a secret blend of those sacred fall spices. Feel free to order it with almond or soy milk as a dairy alternative. Its dreamy goodness will have you licking the cup for the last drop. Oh, and we can’t forget Aspen’s homemade Chai Pumpkin Muffins, topped with cream cheese icing—what more is there to say?

Simplicity and Co. Tea House: Did you know we have a loose-leaf teahouse in Stillwater? If you haven’t been yet, fall is the most perfect time to be simply swept off your feet. Seasonally, they serve baked pumpkin spice donuts topped with a blend of fall spices. Donuts are $2.00 each and are served on rotating Saturdays. They offer other donut flavors such as Apple Cider, Butterscotch, Dark Chocolate Peppermint and Chai, but this time of year the Pumpkin Spice Donut takes the lead by a landslide of fall-inspired goodness. They also introduced their newest tea, Pumpkin Pie, last month. It can be savored as a basic hot tea or transformed to Simplicity Teaa latte paired with brown sugar, cinnamon and whipped cream. All of their seasonal teas will be available through January.

PurdyQ Meats & Treats Food Trucks: This food truck duo is a moving target definitely worth chasing all season. PurdyQ Meats & Treats never, ever disappoints. Our favorites include: Smoked Salmon, Red Dirt Rancheros, Haystacks, Cowboy Burritos and ANYTHING off their mobile smoker. PurdyQ Pumpkin Ice CreamHowever, their original Pumpkin Sundae is available for a very limited time and is the most heavenly blend of homemade pumpkin ice cream, whipped cream and cinnamon sugar you’ll chase this fall! Keep up with Dan Purdy and his mobile crew on the PurdyQ Meats & Treats Facebook page.

Old School Bagel Café: Two words. Pumpkin bagel. It exists; it’s a thing…a REALLY GOOD thing when it comes from Old School Bagel Café. All of Old School Bagel Pumpkin Cookiestheir bagels are made from scratch, on location. They recommended we order the Pumpkin Bagel toasted and covered with honey almond cream cheese. We obliged and devoured every creamy crumb. The Old School Bagel Café Pumpkin Bagel will be available through November 30th, but there’s more. Only available on Saturdays during the fall or with special order, their Pumpkin Spice Cookie is the perfect weekend splurge paired with a cold glass of milk.

Rocky Mountain Chocolate FactoryRocky Mountain Chocolate Factory: Caramel apples are cool-weather icons in their own right. Pumpkin spice caramel apples, now that’s a fall overload worth the seasonal indulgence. Their Granny Smith apples are covered in caramel and pumpkin spice white chocolate, coated in cinnamon sugar and topped with a mallow cream candy pumpkin. Eat them on the spot or purchase one wrapped beautifully and tied with a bow for $8.95. They’re available through the Thanksgiving holiday.

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