For the second consecutive year, National Plan for Vacation Day will be celebrated on the last Tuesday of January - next year on January 29 - and is a day to encourage Americans to plan their vacation days for the rest of the year at the start of the year.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, every year more than half of Americans (52%) fail to use all their time off, creating a stock pile of 705 million unused vacation days last year. Their research has shown that individuals who plan are more likely to use all of their time off, take more vacation days at once, and report greater levels of happiness at work and at home.

The most effective remedy for American workers who want to use more vacation days is better planning. Yet, only just over half of households set aside time to plan the use of their vacation time each year.

Many communities around the country will celebrate National Plan for Vacation Day to encourage Americans to take their well-deserved time off. And what better way to take a day than to travel? By committing to plan on January 29, Americans can all reap the benefits of taking a break, while giving yourself something to look forward to.

Research shows that planners have a distinct advantage over non-planners. They use more of their time, take longer vacations, and are happier.

  • 53 percent of planners took all of their vacation time vs. 43 percent of non-planners.
  • Planners are also more likely than non-planners to use all or most of their time off to travel (33% to 18%).
  • More planners report they are "very" or "extremely" happy with their personal relationships (81% vs. 68%), health and well-being (56% vs. 43%), company (57% vs. 50%), and job (56% vs. 48%) compared to non-planners.

To help employees get their vacation days on the calendar, U.S. Travel Association created a vacation planning tool By simply entering the number of days off earned, users can plot out their trips or vacations for the year, export to their work or personal calendar, and share with their family and co-workers.

According to the U.S. Travel Association, breaking down vacation in America reveals profound geographical differences in workers' vacation perceptions and behavior. For instance, when it comes to unused vacation days and how taking that time can boost the local economy - 57% of Oklahoman's have unused vacation days that equates to total unused vacation days of 9,805,010 and untapped economic benefit of $706,503,854.