The Visit Stillwater team works with meeting and event coordinators who represent thousands of visitors who come to our community annually. While some of these visitors may have attended Oklahoma State University or visited in the past, chances are very good they are unfamiliar with all of the dining and shopping opportunities available to us in Stillwater.

Our 24/7 Visitor Information Center is an obvious location for information to educate visitors about your place of business. It is also extremely effective to get local business information directly in the hands of those attending events in our community. The Visit Stillwater team can provide local information through the event registration process to ensure attendees have as many local options available to them as possible. Event attendees will typically have some time to explore Stillwater, a free evening to enjoy our local cuisine, or take it upon themselves to do a little shopping before heading home.

When visitors have a limited amount of time to go shopping or only one “free” night to eat at the location of their choice, chances are pretty good they are going to visit the store or restaurant that has incentivized them to visit their place of business. It is of great benefit to small business owners to keep in mind we host thousands of visitors a year who do not know they exist.  A coupon just may be that little extra nudge to differentiate you from all of the other options available to them while in our community. 

It has been proven time and again it often takes a great deal or coupon to get a customer into a business for the first time. It then takes a great product, impressive customer service, and reasonable pricing to make the sale and get the customer back. And better yet, create a positive experience that ensures your new customer will tell their friends and family about your place of business through face-to-face conversations as well as through their social media platforms.

The Visit Stillwater team is working very closely with several large-scale events and groups that will be hosted in Stillwater over the upcoming months including the NCAA Division I Women’s and Men’s Golf Championships, Oklahoma Cattleman’s Association Preview Show, and the cast and crew of a movie production. Each of these groups have the potential to make a substantial economic impact on our community through visitor spending with our retail and restaurant partners, and coupons are extremely tempting to visitors when making dining or shopping decisions.    

We will utilize a minimum of 1,500 coupons for the three events listed above and can easily distribute hundreds more coupons through our 24/7 Visitor Information Center and the additional 200 groups we work with closely throughout the year. If you would like the increased exposure for your place of business through coupon distribution to our visitors, please give Melisa Davenport, Visit Stillwater Director of Operations, a call at 743-3697 or contact her by email at