Antlers!  Antlers are made of bone, typically branched, and shed every year. Horns are made of a bony core with a keratin sheath, not branched, and are a permanent part of an animal. While almost all deer species grow antlers, reindeer are the only species in which the females also grow them.

Nick Ledbetter, owner and operator of the Reindeer Club of Oklahoma, acknowledges not all reindeer can fly.  However, Santa's reindeer are special because they can fly very high and very far without growing weary. Maybe those antlers are another one of the many reasons reindeer can fly, at least during one very special night every year.

The Payne County Economic Development Authority Chairman, Chris Reding, was instrumental in securing the funding that will allow Payne County residents and visitors to our community the opportunity to interact with our four-legged friends from the Reindeer Club of Oklahoma free of charge. Most Oklahomans, or anyone from this part of the country, have not had many - or any – reindeer sightings in their life, much less an opportunity to feed one of Santa’s special helpers. In fact, on Mondays from 6:00 – 7:00 p.m. visitors to Stillwater’s Winter Wonderland will learn firsthand reindeer love animal crackers with an opportunity to feed them to help keep their strength up for a very long night at the end of December.

After a one-of-a-kind reindeer feeding Winter Wonderland attendees can enjoy a horse drawn carriage ride provided by Kincaid Carriage Service throughout Stillwater’s historic downtown. Andy and Georgiana Kincaid started their carriage service over twenty-five years ago and have seen many smiles at various types of events over the years. Andy and his partner, Lance Worth, are excited to feature their new horses originating from England. The large, regal animals will most certainly make a statement while clomping down the road with families huddled up under blankets in the carriage decorated for the season.  

Both activities will provide picture perfect backdrops for family photos, pictures of the kiddos, and photos to include along with your annual letter to friends and family. Additionally, the ice rink, tree made of lights, Santa’s Workshop, and an extremely festive Purdy Q’s Sweet Treats Truck will be even more fun attractions for fun family memories.