Lunch with an old friend filled with good conversation, over a piled-high pulled pork sandwich, sweet potato fries and peach cobbler made my day. You don't have to go look far for delicious food in Stillwater and the hearty flavors found in the Cherokee Strip BBQ kitchen are certainly no exception.  Owner, Brett Brownlee has been smoking and cooking up mouth-watering goodness for over 20 years.  In fact, Cherokee Strip BBQ is a true family affair.  Brownlee's parents both are part of the Cherokee Strip family and patrons often come in not only for the great food, but good conversation with long-time friends.   

The menu is chalked with freshly smoked meat options such as brisket, ribs, hot links, polish sausage, turkey breast and more.  The Cherokee Strip crew takes great pride in the smoking process from the meat selection to precisely managing the smoking temperature for the most flavorful and delicious meats.  Alongside the wide selection of BBQ, comes an extensive choice of sides including baked beans, potato salad, sweet potato fries and many more. If you are in the market for an outstanding caterer, you are at the right place.  Cherokee Strip has a long history and experience with serving up hot and delicious dishes to the masses.  Simply call and their team is happy to provide you with pricing, menu options and delivery information.  If you are looking for a local special over lunch, Cherokee Strip offers a $7.99 special Monday-Friday which includes a BBQ sandwich, side and a drink. Cherokee Strip BBQ is one of those places always bringing you back for great company and five-star BBQ. 

Located at 235 South Perkins Rd.