Last year we launched the series “Be a Tourist in Your Own Community” in Stillwater Living Magazine highlighting tips and suggestions about experiencing unique events and attractions in your own backyard.

It is easy to forget the gems we have when they become a part of our daily experiences.  As residents, we pass by them on our drives to work and to the grocery store. Local gems fade into our familiar landscape.  We are reminded, however, when travel writers explore Stillwater with a fresh set of visitor eyes, the importance and value of telling the story of our local gems.  Nedra McDaniel visited Stillwater last summer on a press trip and wrote a blog entitled, “The Museum That Actually Made Me Interested in Wrestling,” about her experience at the National Wrestling Hall of Fame and Museum.

As we start the new year, we challenge you to look around our community with a fresh perspective. Visit places you’ve been a million times and places you never thought about visiting at all. 

What local places do you have on your radar to experience for the first time or explore again this year?