Town & Gown Theatre in Stillwater, OK is proud to announce its upcoming FREE video-on-demand production of “The Pajama Game.”  Originally produced on Broadway in 1954, the show is based on the 1953 novel “7 ½ Cents” by Richard Bissell.  The original production won a Tony award for Best Musical and ran for over 1,000 performances.  It opened in London’s West End in 1955 and ran for nearly 600 performances there, and Doris Day starred in the movie version released in 1957.  Fifty years later, the 2006 revival won a Tony Award for Best Revival of a Musical.  It has been an incredibly popular show among community theaters for decades.


The story follows the restless conditions at the Sleep Tite pajama factory, where sparks fly between the new Superintendent, Sid Sorokin, and the union’s one-woman Grievance Committee, Babe Williams.  Their fraught relationship comes to a head when the factory’s employees strike for a 7 ½-cent pay raise, setting off a conflict between labor and management and a simultaneous battle of the sexes.  Thankfully, the potential drama dissolves into romance and comedy instead.  Featuring plenty of laughs and splashy production numbers, The Pajama Game is full of classic Broadway tunes and slapstick fun.


Director Anna Davis, a veteran of many Town & Gown shows, offered her thoughts on the Stillwater theater’s production as follows: “This show has been a tremendous pleasure to produce.  It's a testament to the hard work and love of theater of this cast and crew, which has allowed us to bring it to a virtual audience. Covid-19 caused major changes for a lot of theaters across the nation, and we hope that The Pajama Game is the start to a successful reopening for Town and Gown."


Viewers may recognize many of their favorite Town & Gown performers among the cast, and will be delighted at the many new faces in the production as well.  The full cast list includes the following performers:


Kennedy Conrad as Catherine “Babe” Williams

Ben Allen as Sid Sorokin

Sydney Weiser as Gladys Hotchkiss

Mark Weiser as Myron Hasler

Eric Thompson as Prez

Adam Park as Vernon Hines

Kayla Hurd as Mabel

Emma Cook as Mae

Russ Hopper as Max

Timothy Cole as Joe


Ensemble members include Olivia Lewis, Sophia Wilkett, Kaytee Latzke, Brian Horner, Lulu Goodfox, Sophia Reetz, Michelle Reetz, Brenna Kearney, and Jacob Boyd.


“The Pajama Game” is recommended for “PG” audiences and will be available to stream FREE OF CHARGE online from June 24th – 27th.  Virtual “tickets” are available at or directly at, and again, there is NO COST for the tickets.