(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / August 3, 2018) – Town & Gown Theatre Company will host its 68th Season Kick-off Event at the theater in Stillwater on Tuesday, August 7th at 7:00p.m.  Residents of Stillwater and surrounding areas are invited to bring a friend and a dish to this pot-luck dinner event recapping the theater’s 67th season and showcasing the upcoming 68th season.

Publicity Committee chairperson Dawn Wilson recently explained the enduring appeal of Town & Gown’s shows.  “I constantly hear from patrons who are amazed at the talent and production values Town & Gown offers.  But I think the best testament to our appeal is the season ticket holders who have had tickets literally for decades and keep coming back year after year.”

Founded in 1951 on the OSU campus, Town & Gown performed for 10 years in the Student Union Ballroom.  The theater moved to its current location just one mile south of Sixth Street on Hwy 177 ten years later and has been entertaining audiences there for the past 57 years.

Town & Gown Theatre presents shows “in the round,” a theatre staging method that dates to ancient Greece and Rome.  This format ensures an intimate experience for the audience, as actors in many cases are only a few feet from the patrons. 

Longtime season ticket holder Gladeen Allred also offered her thoughts on Town & Gown’s cultural importance.  According to Allred, “Town & Gown Theatre enriches our community with…  productions which vary from dramatic theater to mysteries to musical comedies.  It also provides local talent an opportunity to perform.  I look forward each year to the new season at Town & Gown.”

For further information regarding the theater’s Season Kickoff Event, residents of Stillwater and surrounding communities may contact Jacob Boyd, Town & Gown Theatre President, at jboyd@kicker.com, or call the theater at (405) 377-9122.

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