(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / January 7, 2019) – The Little Britches Rodeo is a western lifestyle television series that focuses on student athletes who compete in the oldest youth rodeo organization in the US, National Little Britches Rodeo (NLBRA). For the past two years, Visit Stillwater and NLBRA have teamed up to help contestants and their families experience the fun to be had in America’s Friendliest College Town!

The Little Britches Rodeo television show highlights rural life in the United States, the importance of hard work, and the role that a strong, supportive community can play in a child’s academic, emotional, and physical development. Contestants, ages 5-18, compete in rodeos across the United States, and the top 1,200 contestants travel to the World Finals in Guthrie, Oklahoma each year in July.

While there is not sufficient event space in Stillwater to host a rodeo of this magnitude, Visit Stillwater partners with NLBRA to encourage contestants and their families to travel north and spend a day or two in Stillwater when they are not competing. Visit Stillwater provides Stillwater Visitor Guides, a “Family Fun in Stillwater” itinerary which highlights a handful of Stillwater attractions and restaurants, and has held a #visitstillwater photo contest to emphasize the attractions around town. Visit Stillwater also spends a day at the rodeo, meeting contestants and doing a live interview with The Little Britches Rodeo television show.

Highlights of the Little Britches Rodeo show include contestants’ struggles, triumphs, and interesting personal stories and approximately 70% of each episode is made up of interviews. For the past two years, Visit Stillwater has been able to participate in these interviews with on-air personality Taylor Spears, a former Spirit Rider at OSU and current Miss Rodeo Oklahoma.

The Visit Stillwater interview will air January 9th at 4:00pm (cst) on RFD-TV. You can also catch the interview on RFD-TV’s Facebook page (300K followers), NLBRA’s Facebook page (100K followers), and Hodge Production’s Facebook page (3k followers), which has been producing The Little Britches Rodeo television show for the past 12 years.