(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / September 8, 2021) – Stillwater Public Library (SPL) is hosting an outdoor no-contact game night for area teens on Friday, Sept. 17, at 6 p.m. Teens in grades 6-12 are invited to enjoy an evening of fun and competitive no-contact "tag-based" games. To keep safely distanced, players will “tag” each other using lightweight objects, such as socks.


Jessica Howe, SPL teen librarian, is delighted to offer a way for teens to come together and hang out after a long year of no in-person programs.


"Our virtual game nights were fairly popular last year but being able to host a program outside is a fun way to change things up a bit," Howe said.


The Teen Advisory Committee (TAC) chose three tag-based games to play during the program:


Sharks vs. Minnows: A player is selected to be the shark. Everyone else will be minnows. The goal is to get to the opposite side without being tagged by a shark. If tagged, a player becomes a shark also. The last remaining minnow is the winner.


Infection: Similar play experience as Sharks vs. Minnows, but the player tagging others is "infected" and, when tagged, others become infected also. If players are not all infected within a specific time period, everyone becomes "cured," and play continues.


Lighthouse: One player is the "lighthouse" and stands in the middle of the play area. Other players are the "ships" and are in a circle around the lighthouse. The lighthouse player turns in a circle trying to catch the other players moving in their line of sight. When they see a ship moving, the ship caught in the "light" is out of the round. Ships can move around the player but cannot hide behind objects.


Other games may be included as time allows. Registration is required for this program and a waiver must be signed by a guardian to participate. Sign-up at tinyurl.com/SPLTeenGameSept.


The library encourages attendees to:


·         Not attend an event if ill or experiencing Covid-19 symptoms

·         Please consider wearing a mask over nose and mouth

·         Remain at a safer distance from others not in their households


TAC members, like the ones who planned this program, sign up for a year-long term to help plan teen library programs, provide the library with input on which materials to order and volunteer for other library projects as needed. Members earn tracked hours for their time that they can use for resumes, college applications and other programs requiring proof of hours spent volunteering. They also gain leadership experience, make new friends and community connections and are eligible to participate in TAC-only programs and events. Teens (grades 6-12) interested in joining TAC can apply at tinyurl.com/SPLTACAPP.


Stay up to date with teen activities and events on social media channels by following @StillwaterOKLib. Sign up for the library's email newsletter to get monthly updates at library.stillwater.org/library_newsletter.php.


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