(STILLWATER, OK) – On November 1, 2021, the City of Stillwater launched a new hashtag in partnership with many community organizations including Visit Stillwater, Stillwater Chamber of Commerce, Vibrant Stillwater, Downtown Stillwater Association, and Merry Main Street. 


The new hashtag has several variations such as #ShopSWO, #WorkSWO, #LiveSWO, #LoveSWO and #DineSWO that are used to promote services, encourage investment in our local economy and increase unity within the community. Another positive impact of using #SWO is to increase awareness and usage of Stillwater Regional Airport since the airport code to book flights in and out is “SWO” and long-time messaging has been #FlySWO.


While hashtags have grown in popularity, some may not be aware of what a hashtag is and benefits of using them. Simply put, it is a label included on a social media post that encourages users to explore similar content and learn more about the subject included in the hashtag.


The announcement of the new hashtag was simultaneous with the kickoff of “#ShopSWO,” a shop local campaign to encourage residents and visitors to support Stillwater businesses for their holiday shopping from Nov. 1, 2021 to Jan. 1, 2022. There are many holiday festivities scheduled and more information may be found online at Stillwater.org/shopswo and visitstillwater.org/stillwater-holidays/. 


“We are excited to continue our partnerships with local businesses by sharing and enhancing their marketing of special events and promotions with residents and potential visitors. As we continue receiving announcements from our community partners, we will share their information and utilize the new hashtag so it may be found easily by doing a quick search on social media,” said Cristy Morrison, Visit Stillwater President/CEO.


Businesses, organizations, residents, and visitors are encouraged to utilize the new hashtag on their social media posts. Using #SWO along with its variations when posting will help people follow online conversations and receive updates.


The previous hashtag, #StwOK, used for more than a decade may continue to be utilized by some in addition with the new hashtag. City of Stillwater’s Communications Director Dawn Jones said using both hashtags is not a bad thing and “will continue to increase online awareness and conversations about Stillwater’s hometown hospitality, exceptional merchants and year-round events.”


“By working together with innovative marketing – such as a new hashtag and multiple usage variations of it – we are able to facilitate economic growth and tell our story,” Jones said.