The Let’s Go There campaign was created through the U.S. Travel Association to inspire Americans to do what is exciting and productive: make plans to travel. 

The Let’s Go There Coalition developed the campaign to encourage the travel and tourism industry to share materials within their marketing plans and on their individually owned channels. The concept is intended to increase the collective strength of the entire travel industry and complement a comprehensive and strategic paid and earned media campaign to reach Americans who are interested in planning future travel.

Whether individuals, friends, or families are ready to travel today, or waiting until the next phase of a state's reopening process, there is a national conversation within the tourism industry created to reignite America’s sense of wanderlust and reinstate the feeling of anticipation to travel once again.

The Let’s Go There Campaign advises travelers all states have reopened in some way. However, it is important to monitor the latest restrictions amid fluctuating case counts. And, as a result, there are variations among sectors that can affect travel experiences such as the status of restaurants, retail, entertainment venues and other hospitality industry businesses.

Therefore, since many states and cities have issued guidelines based on specific community needs, travelers should consult official sources to ensure they have the most up-to-date travel information. 

Along those same lines, each sector of the travel and tourism industry – transportation, lodging, dining, recreation, etc. – have also issued their own safety and reopening guidelines.

For instance, new messaging from American Airlines includes, “We all need something to look forward to again and nothing is more exciting than planning that next perfect getaway. The one that can’t get there soon enough. Because the journey begins the moment we decide to go somewhere, anywhere. It’s time to feel that feeling once again. Let’s get inspired. Let’s save a date. Let’s book a trip – and aim for the destination that will feel like no other. Let's Go There.”

Maintaining awareness of COVID-19 cases and regulations in your community and any place you plan to visit is one part of ensuring you can travel confidently. There is a substantial amount of information available on the U.S. Travel Association website at

For COVID-19 state and territory action tracker information, including reopening strategy, statewide stay at home orders, statewide limits on gatherings, quarantine orders for interstate travel, and mask requirements, go to

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