As a result of the 2nd Annual event that took place on Saturday, April 27, 2013 almost 16,000 tickets were sold by club members raising almost $14,000. Larry Wilson, the grand prize winner, had his name selected on Stillwater’s Tv-31 “Morning Edition” by Charlie Fowler, owner of Stillwater Consumer’s Grocery Store.  “We are happy to partner with the local Rotary Clubs to host the annual Grocery Grab.  My team members, customers, Rotarians, and others who are attending for the excitement of hopefully hearing their name called all have a great time cheering on the winners as they grab as many items as possible,” said Fowler.  Wilson received a $250 gift certificate for meat and a 60-second run through the store in which he amassed over $320 worth of groceries in his shopping cart.

The morning of the event, two other winners were selected onsite. The Mission of Hope and First United Methodist Church each received a 30-second run through Consumer’s. Starla Johnson collected $386 in groceries and cleaning supplies on behalf of Stillwater’s Mission of Hope.  Kyle Anderson collected over $100 worth of groceries for the First United Methodist Church Food Bank.   

2014 Stillwater Rotary Club Grocery Grab Coordinator Matt Hull noted, “This was our hope—that at least someone representing a human or animal service agency would be one of our winners and this fundraiser could benefit still more local organizations.”

Many Stillwater Rotarians purchased tickets on behalf of specific service agencies or church food pantries in town with the hope that their organization would have the opportunity to line its shelves with free groceries and merchandise. Funds raised from the sale of the tickets are helping the clubs assist local service agencies throughout the year.


2014 Stillwater Frontier Rotary Club Grocery Grab Event Coordinator Cristy Morrison said, “Rotary is a service organization. It was a great opportunity for the over 150 Rotarians in Stillwater to work together to raise money so that we can, in turn, increase our giving to difference-making projects and organizations.”

Centennial Rotary Club Grocery Grab coordinator Lisa Lambert added, “To see Rotary’s ‘Service above Self’ motto put into action on such a broad scale has been very rewarding. We look forward to expanding this fundraising event each year.”

Grocery Grab tickets can be purchased for $1 each from any Stillwater Rotary Club member. 

Rotary is a volunteer organization with 33,000 clubs in over 200 countries and geographical areas. It initiates humanitarian projects that address challenges affecting the world today, such as hunger, poverty, and illiteracy. Rotary club members represent a cross-section of business and professional leaders around the world. These 1.2 million men and women donate their expertise, time, and funds to support local and international projects that help people in need and promote understanding among cultures.