Originally from Manchester, England, Hirst tours regularly across the United States, bridging the continental divide with observations on the differences between two countries which share the same language. His work was once described as a mix between Benny Hill and the movie Snatch. He’s also known for pulling some pretty outrageous stunts on and off the stage -- one time nearly lighting himself on fire, while chugging a beer. Steve’s roller coaster ride of laughs will leave you short of breath and begging for more.

Neville, co-founder of Funnies Comedy Club, calls Hirst a longtime friend and is happy to have him back to Stillwater after several years.

“Hirst was one of the first comedians I brought to Stillwater in hopes of building a club-like venue,” Neville explains. “It’s been almost four years since he’s performed in Stillwater, so it was time he came back. Strangely enough, his last show here was in the exact same place as it will be this month, but it looks a lot better now.”

In April, 2010, Hirst was the first of a series of performers Neville had booked at the Stillwater Plaza (now the Wyndham Garden). His performance was wildly applauded and other shows were highly anticipated, but issues out of Neville’s control forced him to cancel future shows at the Stillwater Plaza. New ownership and a new moniker, Wyndham Garden, attracted Neville back after two successful years at another venue.

“It’s pretty funny the way things work in Stillwater,” Neville adds. “Almost four years later and we are back to where we started and who we started with. It’s all so circular, sometimes.”

The last two shows at Funnies have included sold-out performances at the early show -- a trend Neville says he hopes continues.

“The turnout for the shows has been steadily increasing, which is great,” he says. “That is why we offer two shows, and 8:30 and a 10:30, in case one sells out. If you miss out on the first one, you can always come to the late show. Some of our regular guests prefer the late show because the show is a little more loose but others have a time table to stay on, with babysitting and other engagements, so they require the early show. We offer a choice so everyone can have a good time.

Tickets for Funnies Comedy Club presents Steve Hirst are available online at www.getthefunnies.com or at the Wyndham Garden front desk. Tickets are only $10 in advance and $12 at the door. Students with valid ID can also get tickets for only $8 at the door. Other discounts are available for groups of eight or more. For more information and updates, you can become a fan of Funnies Comedy Club on Facebook at www.facebook.com/funniescomedyclub or follow them on Twitter at www.twitter.com/getthefunnies.