Find your retail therapy fix at Crazy Days – Stillwater’s largest community-wide retail sales event! 

From Lakeview Pointe and Pioneer Square Shopping Centers to The Strip and Downtown Stillwater, there are national chains and boutique shops all over town offering summer-time sales for all ages. 

Some retailers will feature sidewalk sales, while some will have sales racks located inside - and some will have both! Shop ‘til you drop July 20-24.

Mid-July retailers across Stillwater will offer great back-to-school, and even early Christmas, shopping opportunities for residents as well as the thousands of visitors attending the OSU Animal Science Big 3 Field Days (July 19-21) and Eskimo Joe’s 47th Anniversary Celebration (July 18-24).  

Much like the Shop Until Dark Friday’s In June campaign, Visit Stillwater has created a landing page to assist local businesses in their efforts to market their sales and promotions at

We intend to ensure a greater number of local businesses, residents, and visitors will learn of various shopping opportunities throughout the community which will keep consumer expenditures local and also increase visitor spending.

Similar to other communities around the country, Stillwater has become increasingly dependent upon sales tax revenue to maintain and improve upon the infrastructure and essential services we have come to enjoy – and expect – from the City of Stillwater.  

Additionally, shopping local benefits Stillwater through job creation, spotlighting unique local businesses, providing consumer choices, presenting opportunities to instill quality customer service, and promoting entrepreneurship.  

A result of spending dollars locally is a much more likely chance to receive a, “Yes!” when making a donation request on behalf of a local civic or service agency. We must support the local businesses that support us throughout the year.

All retail businesses that will have any type of sale or promotion during Crazy Days are encouraged to provide full details to the Visit Stillwater team to ensure bargains are promoted specifically to those staying in town to shop or visiting our community for this annual shopping extravaganza.   

If you own a Stillwater retail business or restaurant and are planning extended hours, events, demonstrations, fashion shows, or other special activities during crazy days, please email details to to be included in our promotion efforts.

For the most current and up-to-date information regarding the Stillwater hospitality industry, go to, and follow Visit Stillwater on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter at @VisitStillwater. Cristy Morrison, Visit Stillwater President and CEO, can be reached at or by calling 405-743-3697.