(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / April 20, 2019) – The Oklahoma State football team held its final practice of the spring Saturday afternoon in front of 14,000 fans at Boone Pickens Stadium.

The two-hour event included a team scrimmage period, two-minute drills, individual position work, a 7-on-7 period, inside drill, special teams drills and ball security drills. Immediately following practice, all fans in attendance were invited onto the turf for a 45-minute meet and greet with the Cowboy football team.

“It was an awesome day today,” coach Mike Gundy said. “The weather was beautiful and perfect for everything. I appreciate the crowd. We had a nice crowd here today. I just told the players that I was proud of how they competed. They got a lot of work done, and got to do a lot of different things.”

More than 130 former Cowboy players were also in attendance, including Brandon Weeden, Mason Rudolph, Marcell Ateman and Chris Lacy, who were all interviewed live on the OSU video board during the event.

The practice was part of a full day in Stillwater that included the Remember the Ten run in the morning, as well as an OSU car show, concert, face painting, inflatables, stadium store sale and the OSU baseball game vs. Texas.

Coach Mike Gundy and several Cowboy football players met with the media after practice to give an update on the team after wrapping up the spring practice schedule. Some of their comments:


Mike Gundy

Opening statement:

"It was an awesome day today. The weather was beautiful and perfect for everything. I appreciate the crowd. We had a nice crowd here today. I just told the players that I was proud of how they competed. They got a lot of work done, and got to do a lot of different things. The quarterbacks got to make a lot of throws, and defense got to do a lot of man coverage. It was a very beneficial day for us in a lot of different ways. For me personally, it was fun watching some of the young players who hadn't been out in front of a crowd and watching them compete in our system. Overall it was just a great day for us. They have a couple of weeks here of not really anything athletically. The focus is all on academics to finish strong in the classroom. We are trying to back up that 1000 APR we got last year, so we are really pushing these guys academically. Then Coach Glass will really push them in strength training in June and July. The assistant coaches will all have their meeting with the players on Monday, and then they will be out on the road for five weeks for recruiting. The cycle just continues to turn, but we had a good spring and stayed healthy. We have a lot of areas that need work, but we will make strides in the next five weeks."

On the performances of Spencer Sanders and Dru Brown:

"I thought they were effective in running our system. It is easier for me to say what I didn't like. I don't like when they back up when they are throwing the ball. That is when they get into trouble. They have to learn the speed of the game. Dru had two times, one time when he threw a pick and Spencer did the same thing. They still have a little bit of wanting to make something out of nothing all the time, and they have to get out of that system and play in our system. Particularly Dru in the first minute of the two-minute drill, it was first down and he got the ball on the three-yard line. The defense made a good call. The defense makes calls and the offense makes calls. Sometimes the defense makes the good call. The defense made the good call. He had to throw the ball away and force a second down. Other than that, I thought they played great and competed well. Their throws were effective and accurate for the most part."

Comparing the spring practice to a regular practice:

"It was very similar. We had a big scrimmage a week ago, and I was pleased because we didn't have any turnovers. We had a turnover today. Those are things that we have to eliminate. Last year we got hurt at times turning the ball over and we were penalized. We worked hard and hopefully we are better in those areas in August."

On the team playing with an edge:

"We need to compete. A lot of that has to do with the players up front. Sometimes the skill players can get you into that fashion, but more so the guys up front. Hopefully with Coach Dickey it will start up there. We should be able to get some help from our corners, they are mature players and are pretty dang good. They have been around now, so we should get some of that from those guys."

On C.J. Moore's performance:

"He has had a good spring. He didn't do much last year. I said this earlier, C.J. has changed completely. I think he has gained 30 pounds and his body has changed. He is learning how to handle it and body control, and all of the things that all of our wide outs have had to do to be successful. He is learning, and is going to need another year before you can say we are going to leave you in for 55 to 60 plays per game and play at a high level. I don't know if he will be ready for that, but he should be able to have a number of good plays for us early in the season.


Wide Receiver Tylan Wallace

On how today went:

“I feel like today went well. I mean there’s still a few things that we really need to work on as a whole, speaking for the offense. I feel like we have some things we need to work on, but overall I feel like it went really good.”

On if he’s progressed through the winter and going into the summer:

“Oh yeah for sure. I feel like sitting with Coach Glass and him getting us right with winter conditioning helped out a lot, and I feel like we’re going to go into the summer with things to work on and come back stronger.”

On what fans have to look forward to next year:

“I feel like they’re in for a really exciting season. A lot of young guys are going to come in and make some plays and I just feel like that’s one thing to look forward too.”


Cornerback A.J. Green

On today’s practice:

"It was good. We went out there and competed. We had fun. We got to go out in front of Boone Pickens and give the fans a show."

On what he is most excited for heading into next season:

"Really I'm just excited about what we can do and what we are capable of. I feel like we're going to shock a lot of people. I know we had some good players leave, but we got some young guys ready to step up."

On his personal goals for the season:

"My personal goals for the season are to really help the team as a whole, so nothing really personal. I want to become more of a leader for myself and the team and just push us in the right direction."


Running Back Chuba Hubbard

On how he feels about the upcoming season:

"I feel good. As an offense, we have a lot to work on, but I like the way we're moving. Dru, Spencer, they're looking really good. The offensive line is amazing, of course. This defensive line is looking the best it has ever been."

On new offensive line coach Charlie Dickey:

"I think he is a different type of coach. I like the way he plays. I think he's hard-headed, and he gets these guys going, and I think that is the biggest part when it comes to the offensive line. I like what he's doing so far."

On running track:

"I was excited for track this year. I had to get a little work on my knee, though, so I had to take a step back. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do it this year, but hopefully next year I can get a little something in, but you never know."


Safety Malcolm Rodriguez

On today’s practice:

"It was fun being out here in front of the fans; definitely a beautiful day to be out here. We were just flying around having fun."

On the team’s energy level:

"The energy level was high. It’s not very often you get to come out here and perform in front of your fans at the spring game, so it was definitely up there."

On the new faces on OSU’s defense:

"They’re doing good. They’re getting the system real good and being really competitive."

On what needs to be worked on:

"Definitely working deep middle, reading the quarterbacks because they did a lot of scrambling. Definitely just reading their eyes and playing off them."


Center Johnny Wilson

On today’s practice:

"Thought it went pretty well. We were on the same page and executed well. Good day all-around."

On what aspects of his game he's focused on improving:

"I've been working on my technique with Coach Dickey and getting to know the new coaches that came in."

On if anything has changed with the offense:

"Not really too much. Coach Gleeson wants to run an offense with a faster tempo, but other than that everything else is pretty much the same."

On what he's excited about for the upcoming season:

"I think we're going to do really well this season. I hope everyone else is excited and comes out and sells this place out every weekend. It's going to be a fun one."


Defensive Lineman Brock Martin

On what aspects of his game he's focused on improving:

"With my game, I need to work on my balance, my strength, get a little stronger."