(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / August 25, 2021) – Artist and designer Lee Brasuell, OSU Department of Theatre, has completed Phase One of a public mural project at the Roxie Weber Housing Complex in Stillwater, Oklahoma. This project was initiated by residents at the Roxie Weber in collaboration with the Prairie Arts Center. Financial support has been provided by the Oklahoma Arts Council, the Vaughn Vennerberg II Endowed Chair in Art, and the Mary Lou Lemon Endowed Professorship for Underrepresented Voices.


Brasuell has completed Phase One, which focuses on “Pioneers,” but not in the traditional, old-fashioned sense of the word. Instead, the mural presents leaders and innovators--women and men of various backgrounds and ethnicities--all of whom played a key role in shaping Stillwater and Oklahoma history. These individuals include Standing Bear, Chief of the Ponca, who fought for Native American rights; Nancy Randolph Davis, the first African American student at OSU; and Angie Debo, historian of Native American History, among many others.


“Watching the mural being painted was awesome. Lee and the other artists explained what and who they were painting. We all enjoyed the process and seeing what they had accomplished every day. It was also exciting that we helped, even if we just splattered paint! We couldn't be happier on how it turned out.” Judith Deaver, Roxie Weber Resident


“Thank you to Lee, Leah, Brittany and the Prairie Arts Center. I love that they have created a space the whole community can be proud of!” Matthew Dickey is the Public Housing Director 


“What began as an idea from a resident, the mural grew to the involvement of all the residents, then to having community support, and finally completion of phase one. We are so proud of the work that Lee, Brittany, Leah, the Prairie Arts Center and the residents of Roxie Weber completed. Thank you for beautifying the area and making it a home for our residents.” Toni Broyles, Executive Director, Stillwater Housing Authority


For Phase Two, award-winning contemporary mural artist Brent Greenwood of the Chickasaw and Ponca Nations will work with Brasuell to expand the project. 


Phase Three and beyond will highlight a diverse array of artists, styles and themes, highlighting Oklahoma’s rich and complicated history.


The Prairie Arts Center, a City of Stillwater/OSU partnership, is at 1001 S. Duck St.
The Roxie Weber Housing Complex is at 807 S Lowry St.