Karen Andre is a beautiful young woman on trial for the murder of Bjorn Faulkner her boss/lover and an international tycoon and head of a vast financial empire. The entire play takes place in the courtroom and there are two different endings to the play. This play places the audience in the role of juror, with twelve members formally selected to render the verdict in a murder trial. Did Karen Andre kill her lover, the financier Bjorn Faulkner, by throwing him from the roof of his New York penthouse? The proper verdict is not dictated by the factual evidence. It rests on which witnesses audience members find credible.

As the trial progresses through several unpredictable twists and turns, psychological characteristics come to light that reveal each character’s basic attitude toward life. As Rand puts it, “The events feature the confrontation of two extremes, two opposite ways of facing existence: passionate self-assertiveness, self-confidence, ambition, audacity, independence — versus conventionality, servility, envy, hatred, power-lust.” Faced with such irreconcilable opposites, each audience member must confront the question: Which side do I believe?

“I’ve been trying to get Ayn Rand’s “The Night of January 16th” produced at Town & Gown for about a dozen years,” Jack Hodgson, director, said. After all, Hodgson performed in this production a few decades ago. Hodgson has been in several productions at Town & Gown however, this will be his directorial debut. “Finally, I decided to take the plunge and submitted it to the play selection committee,” said Hodgson. “And here we are.”

Audiences will recognize several veteran actors as well as see several who are new to the Town and Gown stage.

“Night of January 16th” will run for eight performances Sept. 18-21 and 25-28, with Thursday, Friday and Saturday performances beginning at 7:30 p.m. and Sunday matinees beginning at 2:30 p.m.

Tickets will go on sale Monday, Sept. 15, and can be obtained by calling the box office at (405) 372-9122. Tickets prices are Adult, $14; Students, $12; and Seniors, $12 (available for Sunday matinees only).

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