405 Day

405 Day is a one-day event, on the day symbolized by our area code, 405 – April 5, 2023 – to remind visitors and residents to include #VisitStillwater in their social media posts while out and about in Stillwater.

Any Stillwater visitor or resident with a Facebook, Twitter, and/or Instagram account who visits Stillwater hotels, restaurants, attractions, retailers, convenience stores, lakes, and other unique to Stillwater locations should take a picture(s) with their phone and post it online including #VisitStillwater. Make sure your privacy settings allow us to see your post(s). 

405 Day participants should limit their pictures to one photo per location per person, with no limit to locations visited, on April 5, 2023. For example, you can’t enter two photos from Lost Creek Safari, but you could enter one photo from Lost Creek Safari, All Around Cowgirl, Eskimo Joe’s, Zannotti’s, and more. All photos must be posted on April 5, 2023. Individuals will be entered once per picture, with unlimited pictures.

An individual is eligible to win one $40 gift card to the Stillwater business of their choice. 5 individuals will be drawn. A digital wheel will be used to randomly choose winners.

We encourage residents and visitors to use #VisitStillwater on their posts about positive experiences they have throughout our community. Who knows, you may see your pictures heading the Visit Stillwater website pages, within a social media post, or on the pages of the annual Stillwater Guide to the Local Scene!

Congratulations to our 405 Day gift card winners: 

Elizabeth Beck
Lynnette Nelson
Marcus Trevino
Lisa Mills
Grace Welch 

Be sure to follow Visit Stillwater on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and bookmark www.VisitStillwater.org for more fun giveaways!