Dancing Turtle Art Gathering


Dancing Turtle has it all! Music, Theatre, Dance, Art, Hands-On Participation, Learning Events and so much more! Dancing Turtle is an interactive 3-day festival of fun offering activities for everyone in the family. The Stillwater Community Center Foundation serves as your host for this fantastic event made for everyone - and our four-legged friends too!

     Dancing Turtle Schedule

Dancing Turtle 2024 needs upwards of 100 volunteers over a wide range of tasks, days, and times.   It is a four-day event, with the heaviest demand for volunteers on Saturday, June 8, and Sunday, June 9.  Physical demands range from very light to moderate. 

The high-level overview of activities is

·        June 6   Evening – Stillwater Community Band Plays in the Winfrey Houston Theater

·        June 7   Day – Artists & Vendors Checking In, Begin Outdoor Set Up

·        June 7   Evening – Chilly Arts Social (food, drink, music, visual arts, comedy) in the Community Center

·        June 8   Daybreak till 10 AM – Artists and Vendors Move In

·        June 8   Day 10 AM till 10 PM – Festivals are FULL ON!  Visual Arts, Film Festival, Theater Festival, Dance Program, Music Festival, STEAM/Industrial Arts Festival

·        June 9   Morning 8 AM till 11 AM – Inter-Faith Music Brunch & Art Awakening

·        June 9   Day 10 AM till 5 PM – Festival is FULL ON!

·        June 9   Evening 3 PM till 9 PM Tear Down

 If you have any questions about volunteering, please call the Executive Director Jim Beckstrom at 405 473 0746 or send an email to james@beckstromgroup.com

Dancing Turtle 2024   Dancing Turtle 2024


Discover Stillwater's Charm 

Don't miss the opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique charm this vibrant city has to offer. From exploring the Stillwater Cultural District snapping selfies with the towering Bumblebee and Optimus Prime Transformer statues, and from strolling through the serene beauty of the OSU Botanical Garden to experiencing the lively nightlife on The Strip, there's something to spark every visitor's interest and make your tournament experience truly unforgettable.

Take a walk on the wild side and get up close and personal with a variety of exotic animals and farmyard friends at Lost Creek Safari. You might get to feed grapes to lemurs, kiss a camel, or cuddle a baby kangaroo at this unique petting zoo experience. Sports fans will also want to visit the Heritage Hall Museum on campus to discover more than a century of sports history and memorabilia covering legendary athletes and teams that have brought home titles and championships and even become Olympic medalists. 

Sample local craft brews at Iron Monk Brewing Company or Stonecloud Brewing Company where you'll also find nightlife activities like live music and trivia nights or grab a drink with friends at Willie's Saloon where famed country singer Garth Brooks began his career. Many nightlife venues host frequent live music shows featuring Red Dirt musicians right here where the genre was born but you'll also find an array of other genres celebrated in nightlife hotspots.  

And no visit to Stillwater is complete without a visit to Eskimo Joe's! This "jumpin' little juke joint" is an iconic nightlife spot where you can dig into a plate of epic cheese fries, drink a cold beer, and catch a live music performance as Stillwater residents, visitors, and students have been doing for decades. Don't forget to stop by the merch shop to get your world-famous Eskimo Joe's t-shirts and gear.