MAJ Scott Hagerty/SPC Derek Holland Memorial Ruck

  • Dates:

    February 29, 2020

  • Address:

    730 N Main St

    Perkins, OK 74059



On Saturday February 29th we will be conducting our annual memorial ruck for MAJ Scott Hagerty & SPC Derek Holland in Scott’s hometown of Stillwater. The starting point will be the travel plaza in the address provided (which is also, the intersections of SR33 & Rte177). We will then travel by foot, heading north on Rte 177 (Major Scott Hagerty Highway) to roughly about 8 miles til we endex. To simplify the route, we will start at the south sign at the Ampride Gas Station, and finish at the north sign.

There will be a brief stop 5 miles into the event, where we will stop at Scott’s place of rest to pay respect which is immediately off of Rte177.

More details will follow.

On June 3rd, 2008, the up armored vehicle carrying passengers SPC Derek Holland (Wind Gap, PA) and MAJ Scott Hagerty (Stillwater, OK) struck an IED while on patrol in the vicinity of Zormat, Afghanistan of the Paktia Providence. MAJ Hagerty & SPC Holland passed instantly. One other soldier was severely wounded.

- E 🇺🇸

MAJ Scott Hagerty/SPC Derek Holland Memorial Ruck