Leadercast Women 2019 presented by Meridian Technology Center

  • Dates:

    November 21, 2019

  • Address:

    1312 South Sangre Road

    Stillwater, OK 74074

  • Time:

    7:45 AM to 3:00 PM



Leadercast Women 2019 – Nov. 21st, 2019

Leadercast Women 2019 is the annual, one-day conference where you’ll be inspired and guided by women leaders who wish to share their insights, experiences and revelations on how to be the best leader you can possibly be.

Our world-renowned speakers will make a deep impression on your consciousness, galvanize you for action, and show you how you can transform yourself into the most effective type of leader.

You’ll be impressed by the achievements of our speakers and riveted by the courage and talents of these women. You will learn how you, too, can be a leader who motivates people and champions ideas in ways you never thought possible.

Leadercast Women is an event that will change you, not simply with “how to” advice that will make you a better leader, but also with long-term lessons in life and leadership that help you grow into the person you’ve always aspired to be.

Attend Leadercast Women 2019 as an individual or member of a group, so you can:

  • Learn what it means to lead yourself, the essential first step in leading others

  • Join like-minded women and men who are committed to self-improvement and eager to lead

  • Hear from world-renowned speakers who share a common goal—to help attendees like you take your leadership skills to the next level and beyond

  • Focus on enhancing your leadership skills by removing yourself from your everyday work environment and all of its distractions

  • Engage in constructive dialogue with women and men attendees in an environment that emphasizes equality, respect, and mutual leadership goals

Registration is $89


Leadercast Women 2019 presented by Meridian Technology Center