This time of year is busy!  For everyone.  Whether an OSU student mid-way through the semester, or a family involved in youth sports, it seems like fall is a time of deadlines, game schedules and multi-tasking. If a quick moment of down time is what you need, Hardback Cafe may be the perfect, on-the-go coffee shop for you.  Now serving up seasonal drinks, which manager, Josh Hoffman, says is their most popular beverage this time of year, can be purchased inside Hastings or at their convenient, drive-through window. You may be looking for a place to power up and Hardback Cafe can get you connected with free wifi and handy laptop tables with plug-in access at each chair. 

If the cozy atmosphere and friendly service doesn't bring you to the Hardback Cafe, the plethora of specials surely will keep you coming back! Happy Hour from 6pm-8pm will put a smile on your face with buy one get one free everyday. You can stay connected with Hardback Cafe on Facebook, where specials and giveaways are posted regularly, including a weekly gift card drawing.

Hardback Cafe's broad menu and yummy selections (The Pumpkin Pie Frappe taste test approved!) along with their speedy service, money-saving specials and technology-friendly atmosphere, make for a great first Local Flavor Friday draw!

  • Stop in the Hardback Cafe located at 316 North Main St. (Inside Hastings)
  • Have questions?  Give them a call at 405-377-7243
  • Stay connected:  Cafe