(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / Aug. 8, 2019) – Community partners, including the City of Stillwater, Mya’s Promise and Stillwater Makes a Change (SMAC), are calling for residents’ help to get a grant from State Farm to provide an accessible shelter and restroom at Strickland Park, 300 S. Main Street. In order to receive the $25,000 grant, Stillwater is relying on public votes submitted online at https://www.neighborhoodassist.com/entry/2023592. Voting opens Aug. 14 and closes Aug. 23.

Funds from the grant would allow the City to further expand on the ongoing PlayAbility Project at Strickland Park. The grant would allow for restroom and shelter improvements such as repairs, new roofing, the purchase of accessible picnic tables and other structural renovations.

“We are asking all citizens, students, churches, and civic organizations to encourage their members to go to the website and vote for this project,” City Manager Norman McNickle said. “This is an important quality of life project for our community.”

The park is undergoing several improvements. Phase One, which is still under construction,  includes the installation of a new playground,  and Phase Two will include a new inclusive and accessible play area and community gathering place.

“Our community has come together over the last year to fund the purchase of adaptive playground equipment for the PlayAbility Project at Strickland Park. However, no funds are available for accessibility improvements to the existing shelter and restroom facility,” City Councilor Amy Dzialowski Said. “With the added amenities of an accessible, improved shelter and restroom facility, it will truly become a place for people of all ages and abilities to play, stay awhile and make new friends.”

Stillwater is one of 200 finalists competing for State Farm’s grant and needs as many votes as possible to secure a position as a Top 40 Project.

Contact Councilor Dzialowski at councilordzialowski@stillwater.org for questions regarding this grant.

Find more information on this project at https://www.myaspromise.org/.