Vibrant Stillwater and the Stillwater Chamber of Commerce have announced the “Small Project; Vibrant Impact” community grant program. The two groups will leverage $10,000 in several small grants to support community projects. The program is aimed at spurring neighbors, co-workers, and business owners to think about doing something small and doable that improves their “neighborhood”, creates a sense of community and/or helps address an issue that causes people to struggle.

Applications will be available on the Vibrant Stillwater website starting Thursday, September 1. Grant awards will be up to $1000 each. Applications may be submitted online or in-person to the Chamber office. For consideration, submissions should be received by 5:00pm on Wednesday, September 21.
“The Chamber is delighted to be working with Vibrant Stillwater to invest in our community through the “Small Project; Vibrant Impact” grant program,” said Justin Minges of the Stillwater Chamber. He went on to say, “Stillwater is filled with people that are eager to make it a community that inspires, attracts and connects people. We are excited to help support projects that bring their ideas to life.”

The “Small Project; Vibrant Impact” community grant program was inspired by Chuck Marohn and his Strong Towns message shared in March. Marohn was the first speaker in the Vibrant Stillwater Community Conversation series. He shared how an inspiration emerges from the smallest of catalysts. An experience, a story shared, that moment of clarity, song, art, and those that make it; through our everyday interactions with each other we spark powerful ideas and find the kindling to take meaningful action.

Jeremy Bale, Vibrant Stillwater Steering member, stated, “We are enthusiastic about seeing what ideas people submit that can add to their quality of life in Stillwater. This is truly about small projects that engage community members in things that are important to them. We appreciate the Chamber’s commitment and financial support which will allow us to fund more projects.”

Individuals or groups are eligible to apply. Applicants will be reviewed by a committee representing various aspects of Stillwater from small business to neighborhoods and non-profit organizations. Recipients will be recognized at an upcoming Vibrant Stillwater Community Conversation event in October. For more information and to apply visit

Vibrant Stillwater, made up of citizens and leaders, is working to create a citizen-inspired vision, promote resident involvement in shaping the community and making intentional decisions about property development. Its long-term goal is to become a community that attracts and keeps talent, which in turn attracts and retains business and industry that drives economic growth.