Under the leadership of the U.S. Travel Association, the travel industry has come together, working with health and medical experts, to reach collective agreement on a core set of health and safety guidance that the industry may adapt to their businesses.

The guidance aims to provide consistency in the approach to safety employed by travel brands and destinations during the customer experience. It not only directly responds to the COVID-19 threat we face today—it also prepares our industry to handle future threats that may arise.

Travel industry guidance may evolve and be updated as the nation moves through different stages of reopening, as the science and data become clearer, and as the known efficacy of certain practices progress.

Responding effectively to COVID-19 is a shared responsibility. Our guidance reflects the essential role the travel industry must play to help promote the health and safety of our residents, customers, visitors, and employees. But no industry can overcome this challenge alone.

Travelers also have a responsibility. They must adopt new travel practices and follow science-based guidelines to help protect the health of their family and those around them, including fellow travelers and industry employees.

In the spirit of collective action needed to defeat COVID-19, tourism industry partners urge travelers to do their part and follow government and industry guidance to help protect themselves and others.

By working together, we can overcome the challenge, begin to reopen our economy, and responsibly get America traveling again.

The number one priority of the untied tourism industry is to keep individuals and families healthy and safe. Travel and tourism industry businesses are encouraged to incorporate and customize best practices so visitors can #TravelConfidently.

Residents and travelers can come together to help provide a safe and healthy travel experience for everyone. When we all do our part, we all can #TravelConfidently.

For additional information, visit ustravel.org/IndustryGuidance.

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