(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / March 19, 2019) – The City of Stillwater and Warren Theatres announced on Tuesday that they are in negotiations for the construction of a new luxury movie theater in the downtown-campus corridor.

“The ultimate goal is to provide a premier place to watch movies in Stillwater,” said Dan Gray, vice president of Warren Theaters, based in Wichita, Kansas.

The City of Stillwater and Warren Theatres are working to find a location within the tax increment finance district and finalize an agreement.

“The Warren Theatres brand is recognized for providing a high-quality theatre experience, offering features like recliner seats, online reservations and concession orders and other best-in-market theatre services for moviegoers,” City Manager Norman McNickle said.

“In our 2017 Citizen Satisfaction Survey, 91 percent said it was important to create and attract vibrant, quality development like high-end movie theaters,” McNickle added. “We believe this potential venture with Warren Theatres will meet our residents’ expectations for quality entertainment.” 

The TIF, also called the Stillwater (Re)Investment Plan (A Stillwater Downtown/Campus Link Project Plan), helps the City achieve its development objectives by authorizing the appropriate and necessary public support and assistance for the development and enhancement of downtown Stillwater and the Corridor Redevelopment Area to create a special and unique place within Stillwater to live, work, shop, and play.