(STILLWATER, OKLAHOMA / Oct. 28, 2015) – Area residents are showing their respects for those hurt at the Oklahoma State University homecoming parade by placing cards, flowers and stuffed animals at the corner of Hall of Fame Avenue and Main Street.

“These materials created and left by Stillwater residents, OSU students and our many visitors are important to all of us,” said Ammie Bryant, director for the Sheerar Museum of Stillwater History. “They are a physical representation of how our community has pulled together in this crisis.”

Bryant, along with Collection Manager for the OKC Memorial Helen Stiefmiller and OSU Library Special Collections Head David Peters, will begin collecting and cataloging items starting Thursday, Oct. 29.

“We are moving quickly because we don’t want cards, paper and fabrics to be damaged by the elements,” Bryant added. “I want to thank Helen and David for taking the time to help with this project. Their experience and skills will ensure that future generations will be able to see for themselves what it means to be ‘Stillwater Strong.’”

There are also public safety issues concerning the community memorial.

“Due to that intersection’s sight triangle, the memorial can’t grow too tall or wide,” City of Stillwater Public Safety Director Norman McNickle said. “We appreciate and respect the work the archivists are doing here.”

Bryant said items that can withstand the weather, such as wood or plastic, will be left at the corner until Nov. 24 before the crew collects them for long-term historical preservation.

For more information, contact Bryant at 405-377-0359 or .