(STILLWATER, Oklahoma / June 26, 2018) - Renowned artists Josh Stout and Ken Brown will be painting en plein air this coming Friday at the Stillwater Community Center during the Stillwater Art Guild’s first involvement with the Final Friday Art Crawl.

Josh Stout - ArtistOklahoma artist Josh Stout continues to catch the attention of collectors across the US. As one of the top selling regional artists. Stout will take time out of his packed schedule to be part of the Guild Gallery at the Stillwater Community Center on Friday. His unique style of painting sets his work apart. Stout doesn’t use brushes, he paints entirely with knives - pallet knives to be specific.

"No other tool gives me the free flow of expression that I'm engaging. Like moths to a flame, the knife continues to grasp me under its spell, slowly unlocking the secrets it holds," Stout says. He adds, “I was born an artist, my entire life has led to being an artist. Creating, exploring and experiencing life and how it affects ones outlook on the world, and ultimately how all these views are transferred through my medium-art!" Stout mixes impressionist and abstract techniques to create his artwork. Combined with his unique use of knives stops people in their tracks. His technique is something to behold.

Ken Brown is a member of the Stillwater Art Guild and has been drawing professionally since 2012. Ken Brown - ArtistAlthough Brown is half-blind, he doesn’t let this hinder him in any way. He not only draws professionally, he teaches as well. “I acquired a passion for teaching early in my career and have taught for Philbrook Museum of Arts, Arts and Humanities Council of Tulsa, and many other Oklahoma venues,” Brown said. “I volunteer with Operation Aware, an art program that mentors young students and am the Arts Program Director for the Coffee Bunker, a veteran’s resource center,” he added. Brown was named one of the Top 11 Painting and Drawing Teachers in Tulsa for 2017-2018. He also does private tutoring and workshops.

Both Stout and Brown will be demonstrating their techniques and sharing information about how they create their works during the Final Friday Art Crawl. This is an opportunity for Stillwater residents and those from surrounding areas to watch renowned artists at work. The Crawl is sponsored by the OSU Museum of Art and takes place the final Friday of each month. It is free and open to the public. The Stillwater Community Center will be open from 6:00 – 9:00 pm on Friday evening.