April 28, 2022 - Since 1975, Meridian Technology Center has been a driver of economic development with a mission to educate, enrich lives and secure economic futures. Offering full-time career training programs, short courses and other workforce and economic development resources, Meridian Technology is proud to announce open enrollment for film career training courses offered through its new initiative, the First Capital Film Crew Institute.

Currently offering courses at Meridian Tech’s South Campus in Guthrie, the First Capital Film Crew Institute was developed to meet the state’s demand for growing the local film workforce and help provide individuals with the training and resources needed to begin or further advance their careers in Oklahoma’s production industry. Training through Meridian Tech’s First Capital Film Crew Institute provides affordable, practical and transferable film crew training allowing individuals to gain skills for a new industry while maintaining their current employment. The curriculum will be taught by industry experts and will include traditional instruction as well as hands-on work in scenarios that mirror the industry.

"When establishing the First Capital Film Crew Institute, we identified the most sought-after film crew positions and worked with industry experts to design curriculum that focuses on skills that directly relate to the production set,” said Justin Smola, Project Manager in Workforce & Economic Development at Meridian Tech. “Courses range from four to eight weeks, and they are taught in a blended format allowing individuals to get hands-on training in a simulated film set environment. Upon course completion, individuals will have the skills they need to immediately go to work on a TV or movie production."

The first classes offered by Meridian Tech’s First Capital Film Crew Institute will begin throughout the next two weeks and are now available for enrollment:

Introduction to the Film Industry
May 2 - 12
A career in Oklahoma's film industry starts here. Learn the essentials of film equipment and roles, terminology, work conditions and more. 

1st and 2nd Director
May 31 - June 10 
Learn what it takes to handle the logistics of a film set during production, including being a liaison between the director and the crew.

Makeup Artist
May 16 - 25
Use your talent and creativity to bring film characters to life using makeup, prosthetics and special effects. Samples of work are required.  

So, You Want to Be an Extra?
April 28 or May 24
There's more to being a movie extra than showing up for the scene. Learn what it takes to make the final cut. No prior experience is needed. 

Additional courses will be announced soon for the summer months, including focuses on grip and rigging, hair styling and set carpentry and construction for the motion picture and television industry.

For more information on Meridian Tech’s First Capital Film Crew Institute, and to register for these courses, visit meridiantech.edu/firstcapital.