Lakeside is the first golf course to offer such an incentive for children to learn the game of golf without charging a fee. 

According to Lakeside General Manager Michael Henderson, this level of commitment is unique for an industry that has been plagued by numerous course closings and rising green fee prices.

“In an effort to combat declining participants from a golf industry in recession, Lakeside is aggressively pursuing and engaging a new generation of golfer by focusing on junior golf development," he explained.

He added that this new program will remove all financial restraints and will allow all children to experience a new activity.

Lakeside Memorial Golf Course is a recognized “PGA Family Course” located in Stillwater, Okla. Lakeside has been recognized twice as the South Central PGA Junior Golf Leader. This award is presented annually to a single facility from the states of Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas that provides the best opportunities for children to learn and experience the game of golf.

Henderson currently serves as vice president of the Executive Board of Directors of the South Central PGA. Lakeside is a municipal facility owned by the City of Stillwater.

For more information about Lakeside Memorial Golf Course, contact Michael Henderson at (405) 372-3399 or .