Most household pollutants will be collected, including oil-based paints, pesticides, household cleaning products, mixed fuels and fertilizer. Unwanted pharmaceuticals will also be collected.

“These events continue to provide the residents of Stillwater with a means to properly dispose of unwanted household chemicals, while protecting the environment,” said Environmental Programs Manager Chris Franks.  

In conjunction with this event, the Convenience Collection Center will be open to receive tires, oil, antifreeze, automobile batteries and rechargeable batteries, scrap metal and other everyday recyclables. With a fee, fluorescent bulbs ($0.25 per bulb) and latex paint ($2 per one gallon can, $7 per five gallon can) will also be collected.

The City of Stillwater began sponsoring household hazardous waste collection events in October 1998. These events help citizens reduce the amount of household pollutants in their homes while ensuring these pollutants are disposed of properly.

The learn more about what recycling opportunities the Convenience Collection Center offers, go to

For additional information on the event, contact Franks at 405-533-8482 or email . For information on the Convenience Collection Center, call 405-742-8269.