STILLWATER, Okla. - Artists, actors, filmmakers, musicians, dancers, and art-lovers will converge on Stillwater for the two-day Dancing Turtle Interactive Celebration of the Arts on June 16-17, 2023.
Events over the two-day celebration range from juried art contests to performances by the amazing Stillwater dance troupe “Wildly Brave” to film editing competitions and songwriting collaborations. There will be live music and food trucks in and around the Stillwater Community Center and downtown Stillwater both days.
“Dancing Turtle aims to bring together creative souls, wanderers, misfits, and romantics to share and explore artistic expression side-by-side in a positive, collaborative atmosphere,” said event coordinator Jim Beckstrom.
Most events and contests will center around the Stillwater Community Center and other venues downtown, except for the first night which will see rock bands take over “The Strip” in the first-ever “Turtle Crawl.”
Programs can be broadly categorized into Film, Theater, Dance, Music Performance, Music Technology, Industrial Arts, Visual Arts, and Graphic Arts.
Many of the workshops are free to attend, while some contests require an entry fee.
There are so many offerings at Dancing Turtle, people are encouraged to visit and follow Dancing Turtle on Instagram and Facebook (@DancingTurtleStillwater).
Local businesses are also supporting Dancing Turtle by providing tax-deductible donations or by taking part in the wristband sponsorship program, which provides discounts to wristband-wearing Turtle-goers.
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